The Original Chicago's Dog House

Established in 2009 in the heart of Lincoln Park Chicago. Chicago’s Doghouse has been serving an electric array of exotic and gourmet sausages/hot dogs.

Specializing in unique sausages such as alligator, rattlesnake as well as our cities iconic Chicago style hot dog and classic Maxwell St. Polish Sausage. Along with our eclectic meat selection a must to try is our one of a kind fry chip fusion called Frips. In short, Frips are a hand drilled potato, curly, and fried (option to top with cheese and chili). If sausages and hot dogs are not your thing look at our burger and grilled chicken sandwich offerings. The Doghouse Original Burger and BBQ Bacon grilled chicken sandwich are an absolute fan favorite. Whatever your taste palate, Chicago’s Doghouse will sure peak your culinary curiosity.

Welcome To Chicago's Doghouse - Gourmet Sausages